What is the Buderim 9 Challenge?

The Buderim 9 Challenge is an annual 76km cycling event covering nine hills around Buderim. It lasts around three hours and is held during the week before Christmas.

You can take up the challenge and become a member of the exclusive Buderim 9 Club and help raise funds to support children with disabilities.

Argon Law is proudly the principal sponsor of this exciting annual community phenomenon.

Serious cyclists will love the challenge of the Buderim 9 Ride up nine of Buderim’s toughest hills and enjoy the rush of riding down them too!

What an extreme way to ensure you are too tired to cook Christmas dinner!

This ride started in 2010 and looks to become a local tradition for cyclists that are fit enough (and mad enough!) to have a go. Ride at your own pace, do all the hills or only some, meet up for breaks along the way. If you love riding your bike the Buderim 9 Challenge is a whole lotta fun! The challenge is to climb all nine hills in three hours. Riders must ride the hills according to the event map and all riders receive a   jersey and a certificate to indicate the number of hills accomplished.

Buderim 9 Perpetual Trophy

The Argon Law Buderim9 Perpetual Trophy will be awarded each year to the Highest Fund Raiser.   If that is you, your name will be added to the honoured list of participants in the Buderim9 Challenge.

Other awards will include those to children participating and each year’s highest fundraiser.

Set yourself the target of becoming the second name to appear on this prestigious trophy – as the Highest Fund Raiser of the 2020 Buderim9 Challenge!