The following are the terms and condition of entry to the Argon law Buderim9 (“the event”).

The terms are not negotiable and by entering the event via on-line registration and paying the registration fee you are hereby acknowledging your acceptance of the terms and conditions. (For participants under 18, a parent or guardian accepts the terms by completing the registration.)


• By participating, I acknowledge that cycling activities are dangerous recreational activities and that participating involves inherent risks and hazards including group / pack riding/ free riding arrangements.
• I understand ride is not a race and is conducted on public roads used by other traffic and that the roads will not be closed to traffic.
• I agree to abide by the Queensland Road Rules and to follow any directions given by the Queensland Police, Ride Director or Ride Authorities
• I will ensure that I am competent to take part in the ride, that my bicycle is mechanically sound and recently serviced and that I will wear an approved bicycle helmet and ride identification as required.
• I am in good health and physically capable of participating in the ride. I do not have any medical conditions that may affect my own safety or the safety of anyone involved in the event


The Buderim 9 Organising committee (B9OC) strives to ensure that the annual Buderim 9 Challenge ride happens as advertised, however, the B9OC reserves the right to alter/cancel any event should circumstances require.

In the event of extreme conditions (such as cyclones, bushfires, earthquakes or other natural disasters) predicted for or underway during the lead up to the event, the B9OC have the discretion to cancel the event. If such a decision is made an announcement will be made as soon as possible thereafter via all Buderim 9 social media channels.

In the event that such a cancellation decision is not made until the morning of the event an announcement will also be made over the PA system at the registration site and on social media.

Refund policy: Due to the nature of this event registration fees are non-refundable. If the event is cancelled only on the day of the event, all riders on site will receive their rider kit.