Well what a year we have had throughout the world with new challenges and lifestyle changes for not only at home but in the workplace and in events and throughout the community as well.

The year 2020 has bought a great deal of changes and challenges with Buderim9 as well. 

The Buderim9 is now into its 9th event and we are forwarding the information that we are now our own identity as Buderim9 Incorporation / Buderim9 Inc. This will make it a lot easier for decision making and solely running the beloved Buderim9 Hill Challenge.

Buderim9 would also like to advise that our association with Cerebral Palsy League, CPL, Choice Passion Life) has also ended due to their funding requirements and the NDIS.  In 2021 the Buderim9 Committee would like to welcome onboard the Pyjama Foundation as the event supported organisation. 

In 2021, the Buderim 9 Challenge will raise funds for The Pyjama Foundation (www.thepyjamafoundation.com), an organisation that provides children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills and confidence. Through the Foundation’s Love of Learning program, volunteers called ‘Pyjama Angels’ are recruited, screened, trained and then matched with a child in care and spends time with them once a week, focusing on learning-based activities.

We are also advising you that we have unfortunately made the decision to cancel the 2020 Buderim9 Challenge. 

Buderim9 Committee has now started to focus its time in presenting the 2021 the (9th event) and would greatly appreciate your financial support once again. 

If you are interested in supporting the Buderim9 event for 2021 we are pleased to forward you the event sponsorship proposal package.

Once again thanks for your support to the Buderim9 past and into the future.


Greg Paix  

President Buderim9 Inc