The Argon Law Budeirm 9 Challenge is scheduled for Sunday 16 December.

The Buderim 9 Organising Committee (B9OC) is aware a wet weather event is forecast for the Sunshine Coast over the weekend.

The safety of riders and stakeholders is paramount and, with this in mind, a ‘wet weather call’ will be made at the registration site (Buderim Wanderers Football Club, Ballinger Road) at 4.30am Sunday 16 December, immediately before the scheduled ride start.

The B9OC requests the understanding of riders, that if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, registration fees are non-refundable.  Events such as these require significant financial outlay.  Affected riders will be offered a 25% discount off the 2019 Buderim 9 Challenge registration fee.

Should the ride go ahead, the B9 Organising Committee reserves the right to cancel the event, mid-ride, should weather conditions deteriorate.  This will be communicated immediately to all marshals, police and medics located throughout the ride course.

If the event is cancelled, activities and prizes presentations will still take place at the Buderim Wanderers Football Club. Prizes for Highest Fundraiser and Velo Tours fundraising lucky-draw prize will still be awarded.

A breakfast BBQ for all riders and stakeholders will be still be on offer at the Wanderer’s Football Club.

Riders and stakeholders are asked to regularly check the Budeirm 9 Facebook page for updates over the weekend.

Riders are reminded to take extra precautions in wet conditions, including allowing extra breaking time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please direct enquiries via Buderim 9 Facebook page.